Security & Safety

  • Secure entries and doors at each building

  • Security Cameras

  • Door security locking systems and hardware

  • Safe traffic and parking systems

Repairs, Upgrades, Codes & Efficiency

  • Code compliant bathrooms and entrances

  • Energy efficient windows and lighting

  • Roof repair and replacement

  • Interior ceilings and finishes upgrades

  • Upgraded meeting and storage space

  • Climate controlled buildings

Classrooms & Learning

  • New STEAM Innovation wing at SCHS & SCMS

  • New STEAM Innovation wing at Elementary Schools

  • One-to-One Technology (one computer per student during school hours)

  • Wireless technology access & server upgrades

  • New classroom furniture & fixtures

Athletic Facilities

  • New bleachers, track, synthetic field turf, and stadium finishes

  • New bleachers and locker room renovation at HS gymnasium